Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair

Whirlpool Dishwasher: Model #DU810SWLQ0

The machine is not pumping all the water out but the water is clean. – used infrequently, once a month or so.

You need to separate the pump and the motor (part #W10247394) to get at the problem. When done, you can rebuild it.

What you need is a loop in the drain line. Normally dishwashers have the drain line routed to go up over the back or side of the unit and as high as the tank itself. If you have the drain line going from the pump, running laterally or on an incline up to the disposal, what can happen is that the disposal is actually pushing stuff back down into the pump assembly.

Normally, the unit fills for a minute and a half or so, goes through the cycle, washes; then it'll stop, reverse the motor (part #8283457) and run for another minute and a half.

Assuming the drain line (part #3374077) is clear everything else is fine, there should be plenty of time to drain the whole dishwasher. So, at this point, I would make sure that you don't have a couple of blades on the impeller (part #4386996) broken off or they're not worn down to the point where they are not pushing the water through. Also, something might be caught inside the pump assembly. In one of the ports, there could be a piece of glass or something else that is causing the problem in this Whirlpool dishwasher repair.