Jenn-Air Refrigerator Repair

Appliance: Jenn-Air Refrigerator

Not cooling – over a period of weeks seems to be getting progressively warmer.

No obstructions seen. Jenn-Air refrigerator has been thoroughly cleaned under and behind the unit. Freezer seems fine.

Normally, a defrost problem in Jenn-Air refrigerator will slowly accumulate, but eventually the freezer and the refrigerator will quit if there is frost buildup on the evaporator coils. It starves the refrigerator section first, for cold air, and then over time it finally restricts more air so that the freezer starts showing signs of trouble.

In this case, many Jenn-Air refrigerators have a damper assembly and a damper control assembly. This is a thermostatically operated door that allows more or less cold air into the refrigerator. The door could be stuck or might have failed.

Jenn-Air Side By Side Refrigerator, Model JRSD246

Not dispensing ice cubes

The first thing to do with any icemaker problem is to check the freezer temperature; it needs to be zero to eight degrees. Also the icemaker will not cycle until the temperature for the mold is set around 15 degrees. When the icemaker mold (part #D7824706Q) hits around between 12 and 15 degrees, depending on the unit, it turns on a small heater underneath the icemaker and helps release the ice. Then there's a motor (part #12001773) that turns a set of what looks like little rakes, which circles around and digs out the ice cubes from the mold. There are several ways to test this. Removing the cover will reveal four or five letters with holes in the face of the icemaker, and there are different test points on there. It can also be made to manually harvest the ice; it's possible to jump the circuit and make it dump, to see if it's not filling or where in the cycle the icemaker head is failing.