GE Dryer Repair

GE Dryer

Dryer squeaking periodically

The squeaking could be caused by a number of different things.

The bearing is a part that the rear of the drum is mounted to. This plastic piece that looks like a socket often wears out. Now, with the plastic worn, metal could be hitting metal causing the squeaking sound. If this is the case, you can disassemble the dryer, and replace the rear bearing kit.

The front of the dryer drum rides on a set of glides. They're either two pads on the bottom at the front of the drum, or on the newer style units, the glides are at the top of the dryer, and then a plastic shroud that the drum rides on. This could be worn out as well causing the drum to sag.

If all these wearing parts look fine, check the motor bearing itself. Sometimes it wears out and starts to squeal. This happens periodically after it heats up a little bit.

Most often the squeaking is caused by the rear drum assembly. So you almost have to tear your appliance down and do a physical inspection to go any further with this GE dryer repair.