GE Dishwasher Repair

GE Dishwasher

Not Draining Properly. GE dishwasher goes through all the cycles properly, but when it reaches the drain cycle only a small amount of water is pumped out and then the dishwasher stops. Also, when dishwasher drains, there is a click or loud thump as it goes into the drain cycle.

The first thing to do is make sure that the drain is clear all the way to the garbage disposal, assuming that it is hooked up to a disposal since there is an air gap. Make sure that the tube going from the air gap to the disposal is not restricted, as this can cause it to back up.

The loud thump is a signal that the solenoid on the main pump assembly is in fact actuating and is opening up the drain port. From there the water has to go through a check valve and then out the secondary drain pump. More than likely, the problem is not with the secondary drain pump because they don't fail that often.

The most common part that can cause this GE dishwasher repair issue is the piston and nut assembly, which is basically a check valve. On the back of the dishwasher is a three or four inch wide grate that goes across the back of the unit. Underneath are a few screws that need to be removed, and in the very center there is a check valve that screws into the rear pump trap assembly. If that does not seal properly when you go to pump the water, it will not divert the water to the drain pump assembly or the auxiliary pump assembly.

If you unscrew the pump trap assembly and pull it out, there should be a little mushroom shaped seal located in that place. If this seal is deteriorating or part of it is missing, that's more than likely the problem. This is a fairly common issue.

2004 GE Monogram Dishwasher, Model ZBD6500

Water leaking from under control panel towards the end of the cycle

The first thing to check is if the dishwasher is level. You want it level or just slightly tilted back. Over time, depending on where it's installed and how it's installed, it can slightly tilt forward, which can cause the water to leak out.

Depending on what kind of soap you're using can also cause this issue. If you're getting a lot of suds in the dishwasher, it can cause the unit to leak out the front of the door.

However, the most common cause is a restricted drain or a little check valve in it that has to open and close, and if it's not draining and getting rid of all the water between cycles, then towards the end of the cycle you're going to get too much water in the dishwasher. So when it starts up you're going to get this wave effect that will push it over the front of the dishwasher.

Other things to look at are the wash arms: make sure there are no splits in them. Sometimes the seams of the plastic wash arms will develop a slight slit or hole in them as it spins around and it sprays right in that area and causes it to leak. So a lot of it is visual inspection.