Amana Dryer Repair

Amana Gas Dryer

Gas dryer runs with no heat

Most of the time a no heat condition in a gas dryer, it can be one of three to four components gone bad.

The first thing you should do is inspect your vent. Make sure that it is clear of lint, not folded up behind the dryer, and is as short as possible to the outside.

Most common is the igniter or the gas coils on the gas valve assembly. The coils are electrical solenoids that open the gas valve and allow gas to flow through. The igniter can be tested for continuity with a multimeter. If it has no continuity or you can physically see a crack or break in the igniter then it will need to be replaced.

There is also a flame sensor that's in that circuit, as well as, a thermostat for sensing the heat. Some dryers have a high limit thermostat which is a onetime fuse that basically works this way: if your dryer overheats it will shut off either the whole dryer depending on how it is wired or only the heating portion of it.

If you call a technician to take a look at your Amana dryer repair, they might tell you that other parts of the dryer like a belt or idler pulley are wearing out. It is a good idea to have an entire dryer tune up done if you are going to pay one service call.